Sandy Abbott
Painter,  Melbourne Australia

I am amazed how beautiful the world can be. Looking at a lovely beach on a sunny day can leave me speechless.  I am overcome with the beauty of the colors, shapes, textures and the crackling feeling of “Life” permeating the environment.   The beaches around Hawaii and Australia, or anywhere in the world, are wonderful for experiencing this. 

My favorite artist is Paul Gauguin.  Perhaps because he was so in love with the tropics but in my opinion, his work is an open window into that "Life" that I am talking about. 

Paul Gauguin Two Nudes on a Tahitian Beach 1891

This is a photo of me at the Vincent van Gogh show that was recently in Melbourne.  I was shocked at the "Life" that jumped out of his paintings.   They are amazing to see in real life.

Lazy Wave    Sandy Abbot

There is no “Life” in the sand, water or sky.  The life I feel when I am looking at the ocean, is what I project there myself.  The experience of life and beauty is always a matter of my own awareness, not something in the landscape.  (To test this, just go to the beach when you are in a bad mood and notice how little beauty you can see.)

A great work of art can create this same awareness of “Life.”   A painting is created by the artist, but we can only experience the life in the art based on our own awareness.   (Again to prove this, go to a gallery when you are in a bad mood and notice how little life you see. Or listen to music in a bad mood and notice how little you enjoy it.)

Therefore, what I think is happening when we view a great painting, or listen to great music, is that it opens the door for us to glimpse the beauty of our own Infinite Awareness.

The fine artist is able, with his terrific skill, to wondrously reveal to the viewer their infinite inner awareness.  In other words, fine art causes us to become more aware of ourself.  The better the art, the more this happens.  This is why great art (including music, dance, drama etc.) is cherished above all else.  The ability of art to do this is a huge responsibility for artists and they can never stop improving and expanding their skills in order to perfect this. 

photo  Byron Bay NSW Australia

What I love about the beach is not only it’s beauty, but it is also symbolic of standing at the threshold of the great mystery of life.  As Paul Gauguin said, "We don’t know where we come from, why we are here or where we are going next." 

This is a mystery that is so big most humans don’t even try to confront it.  But I have always wondered about these things and when I stand on the shore of the great ocean it reminds me of standing on the shore of the greatest mystery and wondering what the heck is going on here.  The same thing happens when I look at a great work of art.

I hope my paintings evoke this feeling of infinity in you, and reveal to you at least a glimpse of your own Inner Awareness.  I will consider myself an artist if I succeed in doing that for you.  If not, I will keep trying.
Sandy Abbott 
August  2017

“I was given a Sandy Abbott seascape for my birthday recently, it now hangs in my home with pride. Every time I gaze at this painting I am moved to another place that is warm, sunny, tranquil and not so far away. I love my painting.”
Glenda Walsh ~ Jazz Singer


The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.
- Pablo Picasso 

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Sandy Abbott

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Art Education.   Thesis in photography.
     University of Hawaii , 1980.

High School Art Teachers Certificate
     University of Hawaii , 1978.

BA degree.  Fine Arts Major,  Science Minor
     University of Washington , Seattle , 1973.

High School Diploma  Emphasis in Art
     Punahou High School , Honolulu , Hawaii   Graduated 1967.
     All American Swim Team 1966.
     Class President,  Honor roll,  Presidents Award. 1967


Art Related Employment

1980-2005    Taught  Art and Graphic Design in High Schools and Community Colleges in Melbourne, Sydney Australia.    

1978-79       University of Hawaii .   Art Department.  I helped 1st and 2nd year students with art projects and exam preparation. 



1967    Punahou Art Festival  Honolulu Hawaii .

1968    University of Washington Student Art Exhibition

1974    Orlando City Art Show   Orlando, Florida

1977    University of Hawaii Student Group Show

1978    University of Hawaii Student Group Show

1978    Honolulu Magazine Annual Photography Contest  Honorable Mention

1979    Hawthorn City Art Gallery Victoria   Photography show.

1980    St Kilda Art Festival

1981    Echuca Arts Centre One many Photography show.

1982    St Kilda Arts Festival

1995    Celebrity Centre, One man painting show. Portland Oregon

1996    Community Centre Byron Bay NSW, Group art show

2000    Group show Waywood Gallery   Byron Bay

2001    Group show Waywood Gallery Byron Bay

2004    Manly Art Market

I grew up in Hawaii living on a beautiful beach.  I spent many hours looking at the surf and was influenced by the stunning beauty of the ocean and beaches.  I lived in Byron Bay for several years and again was stunned by the beautiful beaches and ocean scenes there too. I want my art to convey this beauty.

Sandy Abbott
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Carlton North, VIC 3054
Melbourne, Victoria Australia
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I love the thrill I get from creating space in a painting.

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